MyGenMe: Your Genius Self is here!

A personalized, fully integrated virtual assistant that continuously learns from your interactions and supports you in all your daily tasks. The more you use it, the more the App becomes the super brilliant Avatar of yourself.

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The answer to everything you need in life and work.

MyGenMe is the only App in the world where your genius self helps you complete all your daily tasks

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Life Coaching

It supports you like an expert coach to become the best version of yourself

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It helps you create a healthy and balanced life routine thanks to targeted advice

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It offers you support in your work by maximizing results and reducing times

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It assists you in learning by creating training plans for your needs


All the essentials
in one simple App.

A unique and innovative platform, equipped with the most advanced technologies in the world based on an interactive chatbot and powered by the latest generation AI

100% Free Download*

Like a rechargeable battery, you only pay for what you consume

Machine Learning

Knowledge acquisition algorithms

Cloud Synchronization and API Compatibility

Access and compatibility from any device

GPT-4 from OpenAI

100 trillion learning parameters

*Limited time free download

« With MyGenMe, every day is an opportunity to surpass yourself. An AI that inspires, guides and makes every challenge a success. A key to unlocking your potential like you never dared imagine! »
Case Studies

Used by your favorite companies

Many of the greatest startups in the world are already using Landkit to help them get work done and solve their communication needs.

Functions integrated into the MyGenMe App

All the functions that your personalized virtual assistant can perform include continuous learning and support in every activity

Virtual Assistant

It offers advanced and personalized support for managing all types of daily activities

Content Generation

Generate original written content, provide paraphrases, summaries and stimulate user creativity

Search for Information

Conducts in-depth research using more than 100 trillion learning parameters

Negotiation and Advocacy

Assists users in negotiating and defending cases like a legal professional

Educational Support

Helps parents with education and instruction in carrying out assigned tasks

Technical support

Guide users through difficult technical procedures step by step, like an expert technician

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